Recital Nights – July 31 and August 1 at the Scottish Rite Temple, 1330 Linwood, 7PM

Em's Spotlight gives children with limited opportunities the possibility to make a dream
come true and become a dancer. Our key program includes offering free dance lessons 
through the summer and various after school programs. Em's Spotlight has not only 
taken away the worry of expenses, but also families do not have to reschedule their 
day, or worry about transportation to get their dancer to lessons. Em's Spotlight 
instructors come directly with the children at their school. 

Donations from individuals and dance studios of new and used shoes, dance attire and 
costumes allow Spotlight dancers a chance to perform in magnificent costumes. A
group class picture and a DVD of the recital taken by professional photographers
are free of charge to the families. 

All of this, the dance shoes, instruction, music, snacks, costumes, and end of year recital are provided free of charge.  Experiencing 
the lights and sounds of a public performance in a professional theatre gives our dancers a night never to be forgotten!

Dance scholarships have been offered to dancers who have demonstrated a passion for dance, but may have a difficult time paying
the tuition.  Our loaner program gives dance attire  and shoes to those already in dance classes, but are struggling with the 
additional costs above tuition.  Many benefits come from experiencing the joy of dance.  Em's Spotlight believes all should have the
opportunity to explore the experience.
Em's Spotlight
Emily Silverman felt most alive when she was dancing and for nearly 17 years dance became a constant focus and inspiration in her life. 
Early in her life she knew her mission in life would involve sharing her passion for dance with others. At age 19 her dream was formed: 
A studio where everyone felt welcomed, no matter what their talent, shape or ability to pay. March 2003 a car crash took her life.

The Emily A. Silverman Memorial Fund (Em's Spotlight) was created by her family. Emily's dream was to change other's lives and her 
family needed that to continue.  Em's Spotlight has grown to encompass an entire community. You can join in the fun of changing 
Emily's passion for dance into opportunities for other.

We would be glad to share the fun!